Sunday, June 1, 2008

Waiting For Me

A friend of mine is waiting for me
Right now, she is everything I see
I'm breaking this habit
Of needing my merit
Then finally, with her, I'll always be


writerwoman said...

Right now, she is everything I see

I like that line. Its incrediably sweet. The whole poem has a nice romantic innocence to it.

Nice job!

UL said...

Yes, I enjoyed it much too...and I love the positive hope. Dreams come true when there's positivity, lovely.

Scott Clawson said...

This poem is delicate, like a rose. I love the imagery and the sense of longing that I feel when I read it. Good job and thanks for sharing it! :-)

Michelle Johnson said...

This is a beautiful limerick. I see first love and those anticipations that come with that. I also see certainty in from that last line. He somehow knows he's complete with her. Very nice job. Have a nice night.