Sunday, June 1, 2008

Waiting For Me

A friend of mine is waiting for me
Right now, she is everything I see
I'm breaking this habit
Of needing my merit
Then finally, with her, I'll always be

I Am

I am Spartan and surrounded
I wonder how many enemies I'm facing
I hear the screams of a fallen Brute
I see another's hammer gliding through the air
I am Spartan and surrounded

I pretend I'm not shaken by the fight I just won
I feel my heart pounding in my chest
I touch the back of my head to be sure she's still there
I worry as a pair of hunters round the bend
I cry out as I dive away from the bright green burst
I am Spartan and surrounded

I understand this won't be easy
I say to her that I'm ready
I dream of finishing this fight
I try to loop around the remaining one
I hope the shot will connect
I am Spartan and surrounded

Too Many Dead Heroes

An early great hero who died for his people
Leonidas, a Spartan
He took his 300
And held the hot gates
He died for his courage

Heroes today who die for their people
Marines give their lives
They take up their arms
And fight on dead soil
They die for their beliefs

The greatest hero who died for his people
Jesus came to redeem us
And gave out his blessings
For this he was crucified
He died for all humans

All of these heroes lost their lives
They still won in the end


I am a machine
I was made to kill my foes
I always succeed


These letters spell freedom of men.
I Know


I feel the burn as I leap from the ship,
No chute, no pod, just this suit I'm in,
I spring out my rifle, and shoot from the hip,
I need to start killing, if I'm going to win.
The Ground's rushing up, I brace myself

I broke through a tree
And smacked into the ground
Is burnt black and brown
But I'm still alive and here comes the first wave

Gunned another one down,
It fell with a whimper
As I shot my last round
Things just seemed to get simpler
Then I saw the Wraith

Some of my squad mates were there
I picked up a frag
And jumped on the tank without personal care
I ripped open the drag
And blew the whole thing away

We got to the caves
And we waited for EVAC
Are situation was grave
And all lifelines were slack
But we never loose.